Zac “TaxMan” Talley-Executive Principal Broker

A native of Augusta, GA, Talley brings a set of standard values, expertise and vision. Talley is a community small business operator and pillar in the community.

After several years, Zac found a large void within the inner community small businesses and lower/ mid working class. Lack of financing!

Talley works with individuals as a tax and business consultant, contract compliance advisor and development organizer. Talley works with all business lines, as well as the Executive and Finance teams, to develop, revise, and implement the UnifiedPrincipal’s strategic plan.

Talley’s job here at UnifiedPrincipal is to identify and assess growth and business development opportunities; partner with business unit leaders to quantify return on investment of recommended business, community and development projects; and monitor ongoing relationship within the community.

Talley’s job also includes providing financing and equity placements for small businesses and commercial properties in Tennessee and surrounding states. These placements include construction and permanent loans, as well as joint-venture equity arrangements, private equity infusions and tax-credit financing. Talley has forged funding ties to financial institutions, life insurance companies, conduit lenders, credit companies, commercial banks and private lenders.

Zac prides himself on his work ethic, motivation to succeed, and willingness to help others be in a better financial position.

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